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Dual Head Twisting Machine

  • Model:KS-A2301
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

Different machine lengths for different twisting wire lengths.The Dual Head WireTwister KS-A230 Series operate with two alternating twisting lines. 

While the first line twists the wires, the operator can load the next set of wires onto the second twisting line. 

Each operating line twists the wires with constant tension control.  A programmable PLC ensures highly, repeatable quality. 

At the end of the twisting process, the wire holders automatically eject the twisted cable into the integrated stacking channel. 

The WireTwister KS-A230 series are efficient machines for twisting single wires into twisted pairs.

Thanks to its dual heads design, the WireTwisting Machine KS-A230 series achieve high production performance 

compared to a single head design.  Touchscreen makes it easy to enter and program all twisting settings in a very short time.   

Safety guard in front of the work area provide safe and comfortable operation.

CE – conformity: The Wire Twister KS-A230 Series comply fully with all CE relative to mechanical and electronical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Different machine lengths for different twisting wire lengths. (Machine can be customized according to product specifications.) 

  • Sensing intelligence: fiber optic sensor is used to automatically sense the wire, automatically clamp the wire, and automatically withdraw the wire after the twisting is completed;

  • Intelligent display: using a super-large screen man-machine interface to monitor the current status in real time;

  • Intelligent control: PLC autonomous control equipment operation;

  • Intelligent adjustment: comprehensive digital control, twisting torque and strand length can be adjusted;

  • Eequipment can be customized according to customer needs, and the longest can be customized to 12 meters.

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Twisted length:100-1000mm (length can be customized)

Number of wires that can be twisted:two sets of twisted wires

Applicable wire diameter:0.35-2.5mm2

Applicable wire:electronic wire

Twisted wire total length accuracy:±10mm

Twisted torque accuracy:±2

Motor speed:100-2500r/min

Rotary gripper:two

Air pressure:  0.6Mpa

Power supply:  220V 50/60Hz

Dimension:  2500x780x1500mm

Weight:  448KG

Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.