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Wire Prefeeder

  • Model:KS-W261
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:
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Power Supply:220V/50HZ

Output Voltage:26V/12V

Motor Power:400W

Available Wire Size Range:φ0.5~4mm

Applicable Wire Type: Power Line, Data Cable, Braided Wire, High Temperature Wire, Nylon Wire, Multi-core Cable and etc.

Available Material: Reel Coils of Soft Wire & Loose Wire. 

Feeding Speed:Max. 3M/s

Speed Adjustment Mode:Stepless Speed Change

Min Wire Drum ID: 20mm

Max. Wire Drum OD: 400mm

Max. Wire Drum Width: 200mm. 

Net Weight:32KG


Note: Conforms to the relevant CE directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility.