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Heavy-duty Cable Spool Dereeling Machine

  • Model:KS-W240
  • Net. Weight:
  • Dimension:

This is a powerful cable feeding system for reels weighing up to 100Kg with diameter ranging from 300mm to 600mm, it provides a constant tension to downstream wire processing machines, the feeding process allows rapid acceleration of the spool while maintaining low forces on the material being fed.

  1. Thanks to the closed loop concept the cable prefeeder can be integrated easily in o a processing line as a stand-alone system.

  2. A moveable dancer pulley allows the prefeeder to easily respond to the typical intermittent starting and stopping actions associated with automatic wire processing machines.

  3. It has a large wire accumulation capacity, the pulley block can store up to 4m wires in advance to ensure high speed prefeeding condition.

  4. The cable dereeler uses a shaftless design for easy loading and unloading of reels.

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Scope of Application: wire reel
Available Wire Size: Φ0.5~10mm
Wire Spool Diameter: 300 ~ 600mm
Wire Spool Width: Max. 400mm
Wire Spool Weight: Max. 100Kg
Wire Feeding Speed:
Storage Capacity: about 4m
Power Supply: 220V 50/60Hz
Net. Weight: 78Kg
Dimensions: 800×680×1000mm